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What are the benefits of using ready mix concrete?

Concrete is a fundamental element of the construction process. But what type of concrete do you need? Ready mix concrete is often the best solution for both commercial and domestic projects.

What is ready mix concrete?

Made of cement, water and aggregates (sand, gravel, crushed stone etc), ready mix concrete, also referred to as ready mixed concrete, is mixed before it is delivered rather than mixed on site or continuously mixed in rotating tanks while being transported.

Generally, the material proportions in ready mix concrete is around 60-75% aggregates, 15-20% water and 10-15% cement.

Who uses ready mix concrete?

Ready mix concrete is used by both domestic DIY enthusiasts and commercial contractors. Because it is pre-mixed it is ideal for, but not limited to, projects where there is little space for mixing concrete on site or for gaining access.

What is ready mix concrete used for?

Ready mix concrete is used for a wide range of applications. These include foundations, industrial floor screeds, roads, concrete bases, walls, driveways, footpaths, shed bases and a range of civil engineering projects.

The benefits of ready mix concrete

Ready mix concrete offers many benefits that make it the ideal choice when compared to site-mixed concrete, or transit-mixed concrete that is batched at a central plant and then mixed in trucks during transportation.

Let’s take a look at how ready mix concrete will benefit your project.

Using ready mix concrete is cost-effective

Ready mix concrete is a cost-effective option for several reasons.

  • Ready mixed concrete is made to order so you only pay for the concrete you need
  • You don’t need to invest in individual raw materials from different suppliers
  • There is no requirement for you to purchase your own mixing equipment
  • Transportation costs are cheaper than using large mixing trucks
  • You don’t need to cover raw material storage costs
  • There is no risk of a batch being mixed incorrectly by you or your operatives which would be costly to replace
  • You avoid costs for the labour required for mixing the concrete on site.

The versatility of ready mixed concrete gives you greater quality control

Because ready mix concrete is manufactured to order, and you order the most suitable grade of concrete for each part of the project such as walls, floors or foundations, you have greater overall quality control.

Different elements of a project require different grades of concrete so one huge batch of transit-mixed concrete is unlikely to offer the best quality for all areas.

Zero waste is generated by ready mix concrete

By ordering the exact amount of concrete you need, your order creates zero waste. This saves labour time that would be needed for removing the waste and also ensures you only pay for what you need.

Ready mix concrete is eco-friendly

The noise pollution and dust emissions produced when mixing concrete on site harm the atmosphere. In comparison, processes and systems deployed by the plants that produce ready mixed concrete supress the dust and use ingredients that mitigate the use of raw materials and fossil fuels.

Mixing concrete manually on site uses more water than the processes involved in producing ready mixed concrete. The water used in manual mixing also has the potential to pollute the environment.

Leftover ready mixed concrete can also be recycled or reused.

Using ready mix concrete saves time

Ordering and receiving delivery of ready mixed concrete takes less time than installing the mixing equipment, mixing the concrete, dismantling the equipment once the work is done and then removing any waste.

Once ready mix concrete is delivered it can be immediately transferred to site ready to use, or pumped wherever it is needed. When it is used up, the rest of the project can immediately carry on.

Delays in the application of concrete can be costly and impact other contractors working on the rest of the construction project.

Ready mixed concrete is a high quality, durable product

Ready mix concrete is a highly durable product mainly because of its high volume of aggregates that make it resistant to extreme weather conditions. Its durability is what makes ready mixed concrete ideal for the likes of roads and industrial floor screeds.

The manufacture of ready mixed concrete is highly regulated which enhances its durability. When you take delivery of ready mix concrete, you know that the product has the correct water-cement ratio and that the aggregates are suitably graded for the job you need it for.

Mixing your own concrete may not produce the same level of durability.

If you have little space on site, ready mix concrete is ideal

Whether you are working on a domestic or commercial assignment, space is often an issue in construction projects. Not only the space where the concrete is needed, but also the space for access and working around other trades or contractors.

Ready mix concrete gives you the flexibility you need. If you are laying a concrete base for a shed in your back garden you know that ready mixed concrete can be delivered to exactly where you need it without coming up against access issues.

If you decided to mix the concrete on site you would need to ensure you have space to store the materials and set up the equipment. If you decided to use transit-mixed concrete you’d need enough space outside your site for the truck to gain access and deliver the concrete.

Ready mix concrete is a healthier alternative

When working with bagged cement, your lungs and skin can become irritated by the dust if you don’t invest in good quality safety equipment. It is a health and safety hazard that would need to be considered and monitored. Ready mix concrete is wet and ready to use so doesn’t pose a threat to health and safety.

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