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Ready mixed concrete vs site mixed concrete – which is best?

Are you working on a commercial or domestic build project that requires concrete? Giving some thought to how you source your concrete will impact your timescales and your pocket more than you probably imagine!

DIYers and contractors can opt to either mix concrete themselves on site or arrange delivery of ready mixed concrete.

What is site mixed concrete?

Site mixed concrete, as the name suggests, requires the concrete to be made (mixed) either on the construction site or the grounds of a domestic property.

To mix the concrete on site you need a decent amount of space and the raw materials which are cement, aggregate and water. Domestic DIYers can purchase the cement and aggregate from builders’ merchants. Depending on the amount of concrete you need, you will require equipment such as the mixer and a wheelbarrow.

You then need to mix the cement and aggregate to a specific ratio that will achieve the required strength, and ensure you achieve the exact same ratio for each mix.

What is ready mixed concrete?

Ready mixed concrete is delivered to site ready to be poured where it is needed. It will have been pre-mixed to order by a ready mix concrete supplier at the required quantity and to the necessary strength for the specific project being undertaken.

Advantages and disadvantages of site mixed concrete

Advantages of site mixed concrete

  • Using site mixed concrete helps you to keep control of costs because you can create the exact volume required as you work on the project, and save any excess raw materials for future use.
  • The production of site mixed concrete can be increased or decreased as required. If there are delays in the earlier stages of the project you can hold back on mixing the concrete until it’s needed.
  • Mixes can be adapted if necessary which gives you some flexibility over the mix proportions required.

Disadvantages of site mixed concrete

  • You need to have or hire the necessary equipment.
  • There must be enough space at your property or site for mixing the concrete.
  • Space is also required to store the materials until you are ready to use them.
  • It can be difficult to keep a mix consistency between different batches of concrete when mixing it yourself because of the precision needed when measuring the raw material components.
  • You have no choice but to rely on the skills of whoever is mixing the concrete to achieve the correct mix. Poorly mixed concrete creates waste or quality issues, and time delays.
  • The potential waste incurred when mixing concrete on site is bad for the environment and time consuming to remove.
  • Mixing concrete on site is labour intensive. The purchase and handling of materials, the mixing and placement of the concrete all takes time which increases costs and requires longer project timescales.

Advantages and disadvantages of ready mixed concrete

Advantages of ready mixed concrete

  • Ready mixed concrete offers great convenience, particularly if you are a novice DIY enthusiast.
  • Using ready mixed concrete keeps the time spent on the concrete laying element of your project to a minimum. The time you would have otherwise spent preparing and mixing the concrete can be productively used elsewhere.
  • Ordering ready mix concrete from a reputable supplier gives you peace of mind regarding the consistency of its quality, having been produced in a controlled environment using precise measuring techniques.
  • Because ready mixed concrete is available to use immediately, there is no space requirement for the storage of the raw materials or for the mixing.
  • The cost of labour is greatly reduced when using ready mixed concrete as it doesn’t need to be prepared and mixed.
  • The volume and controlled mixing of each order of ready mix concrete is precisely calculated to minimise waste. This makes the process much more sustainable.
  • Ready mix concrete has been expertly mixed which guarantees its durability. This means it can endure changing climates and adverse weather conditions without its stability being compromised.

Disadvantages of ready mixed concrete

  • It could be argued that ready mixed concrete is more expensive than site mixed concrete. While this may be the case in terms of the unit cost, the lower labour cost and time savings make it a cheaper option for the overall project.
  • Ordering a batch of ready mix concrete may not be suitable for minor DIY jobs that require very little volume.
  • Once the ready mixed concrete is delivered to site it must be used immediately.

Why choose 1st Choice Concrete & Skip Hire for your ready mix concrete

1st Choice is a reputable supplier of ready mix concrete across Merseyside, Warrington and Wigan.

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